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On today's program I continued the discussion on dispensationalism with a Biblical refutation of the rapture and premillenialism.

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On today's program, I discussed the Mark Driscoll fiasco and the underlying issues of celbrity culture within evangelicalism. I addressed the recent controversies surrounding both Mark Driscoll and Ergun Caner, and how they reflect a dangerous ecclesiology inherent in contemporary evangelicalism. 

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I continued the discussion of antinomianism that was started last week. I addressed antinomian tendencies within certain parts of Lutheranism, and explained how to have a balanced and Biblical approach to this issue.

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I discussed antinomianism in reference to Reformed theologian Mark Jones' book on the subject.

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On today's program, I continued my response to Karlo Broussard on purgatory. I dealt with his arguments from Scripture. The two texts addressed are from 1 Corintians 3, and Matthew 5. It was demonstrated that these two texts do not say anything about purgatory.

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On today's program I discussed purgatory. I reviewed a lecture by Roman Catholic apologist Karlo Broussard, and expressed the flaws in his teaching. 

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On today's program I discussed the history of dispensationalism, and then gave an argument demonstrating that this position is unbiblical. 

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On today's program, I interacted with a lecture by Roman Catholic apologist Steve Ray in which he argued against the doctrine of justification by faith alone. I demonstrated that this idea is clearly taught in Romans, and also discussed James 2.

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Chris Rosebrough joined me to share some of his thoughts on the recent strage fire conference.

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I discussed a number of topics on today's program. I spent the first half hour talking about the Reformed covenantal argument for infant baptism, and how we should approach this subject. I then answered a listener question about people who are called "righteous," and "blameless" in the Old Covenant. Finally, I addressed the Church of Christ's view of baptism.

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