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On today's program, I continued to critique John Frame's article on the Lutheran distinction between Law and Gospel. On this show, I addressed the positive use of the Law in the life of the believer. I talked about the necessity of the third use of the Law, and why that does not contradict a strict distinction between God's two words. I also briefly discussed the New Perspective on Paul at the end of the program.

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C.F.W. Walther's "The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel" is the Missouri Synod theologian's greatest theological work. This book consists of a series of thirty-nine lectures that Dr. Walther gave his seminary students at the end of his life on one of the foundational elements of Lutheran thought. In twenty-five theses, Walther expounds upon the distinction between the Law as God's demands upon his creatures, and the Gospel of God's free grace in Christ. Each thesis is defended by extensive Scriptural exegesis.

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On today's program I continued discussing John Frame's article critiquing the traditional Lutheran Law/Gospel distinction. The article can be found here. I spent most of the program discussing Galatians 3.

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I critiqued an article written by John Frame in which he critiques the Lutheran distinction between Law and Gospel

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