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Today's program is the fourth lecture in Dr. Joel Biermann's series of talks given at the 2018 AALC National Convention. The topic is the two kinds of righteousness. 

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On today's program, I played a lecture from Joel Biermann's talks at the 2018 AALC National Convention. The subject of this third lecture in the series is on redemption and atonement. There is a lot of great content here. You don't want to miss it!

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This week's podcast contains Joel Biermann's second lecture at the AALC National Convention. This talk is on the Fall of man. If you have not yet listened to the first part, you probably want to go listen to that prior to this. I also have uploaded the video onto YouTube. 

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Today's podcast is a lecture from Dr. Joel Biermann on the subject of humanity in creation. This is a talk given at the 2018 National Convention of the AALC in Minneapolis, MN. It will be followed with three further talks to be uploaded in the future. I have also provided a video of this talk on YouTube.

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On this program, I continued my discussion on contemporary views of gender. I spent the majority of the program discussing Marxism as well as some basics of Postmodernism. I also gave a brief overview of the impact of existential philosophy on feminist philosophy. This is all done so that we have a better understanding of where the modern world is and how we can give a Biblical response.

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On this program, I discussed the confusion surrounding gender in our culture. I address the ideological foundations of where we are today, especially through the loss of classical essentialist philosophy with the rise of existentialism, Marxism, and Postmodernism.

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Today's program is an introduction to apologetics as well as a brief overview of apologetic methodologies. I discuss evidentialism, classical apologetics, presuppositionalism, as well as fideism and the importance of defending the Christian faith.

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This podcast is a Q&A program, addressing your listener questions on a variety of topics. It's good to be back!

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Due to flooding in our church, I have not been able to record in my office. Today, therefore, I put up a lecture from Dr. Curt Leins on the Sacraments which was delivered at the Hold the Line Conference in West Virginia. The audio is not the best, but the content is excellent!

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I have been repeatedly asked by listeners to interact with both Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. The recent discussion on the Rubin Report between both of them presented a great opportunity to do so, as they addressed the topic of religion. In this program, I responded to their comments on Christianity, though I dealt primarily with Shapiro's commentary from a Jewish perspective. I will address the details of Peterson's interpretation of the Bible on another program in the future.

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