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This is a continued response to Matt Haney's lecture against a Lutheran approach to baptism. In this program, I deal primarily with exegetical issues in various baptismal texts. 

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This is a special edition of the program where I interact with the recent exchange between me and James White on the extent of the atonement. 

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A continued response to Matt Haney's lecture against a Lutheran approach to baptism. 

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I responded to Matt Haney's lecture against a Lutheran approach to baptism.

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I discussed the Reformed regulative principle of worship and explained the flaws inherent in this approach to corporate worship.

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On today's program I answered two listener questions. The first was about the movement in Reformed theology known as "Theonomy" which promotes the implementation of Old Covenant civil laws in contemporary society. The second was on the Lutheran doctrine of predestination. 

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On this program, I gave a history of the altar call in American evangelicalism, and discussed why Lutherans cannot and should not adopt this practice. 

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I finished my interaction with John MacArthur's lectures in defense of a baptist approach to the sacraments.

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I continued responding to comments from John MacArthur on baptism. I dealt primarily with the issue of baptismal regeneration. 

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I respond to a lecture that Baptist preacher John MacArthur delivered against the teaching of infant baptism. 

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