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On today's program I reviewed a lecture by Jason Stellman, discussing why he thinks that the Roman Catholic gospel paradigm is more accurate to the New Testament than the Protestant one.

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On today's program I dealt with the theology and preaching of Calvinistic baptist preacher Paul Washer.

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On today's program, I answered two listener questions. One was in regards to Christology and unitarianism, the other on assurance in the book of 1 John.

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I discussed the erruption on the Lutheran blogosphere over the doctrine of sanctification. I explained my approach to the topic.

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Today's program was spent discussing issues in Reformed Theology. I briefly addressed Steve from Triablogue's comments, and then went into a discussion from the program Christ the Center. The Reformed podcast Christ the Center had Dr. Lane Tipton of Westminster Seminary Philadephia to discuss an essay of B.B. Warfield titled the Plan of Salvation.

In this discussion, Tipton made claims about Lutheranism that are inaccurate; he argued that Lutherans believe in conditional election to salvation based on non-resistance to God's grace. I spent the majority of the program demonstrating why this is not true and addressing the question "Why are some saved and others not?"

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On today's program I finished reviewing Dr. James White's lecture on the subject of limited atonement. The conversation focused largely on the book of Hebrews. 

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On today's program I decided not to continue with the Limited Atonement discussion until next week, due to the important events occuring today. I spent the program talking about the office of the Papacy, it's history and how we should approach it today.

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On today's program, I continued my refutation of Limited Atonement by responding to a lecture on the issue by Dr. James White. James White is a Reformed baptist theologian, apologist, elder and the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries.

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On today's program I discussed the Patristic sources in regards to baptismal regeneration. I demonstrated that it is the unanimous testimony of the early church. 

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On today's program I did a brief overview of the controversy over objective justification and gave some of my thoughts on the matter. Then I answered a question about the Governmental theory of the atonement and launched to a discussion of the various atonement motifs.

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