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On this program I continue my response to an interview with Jason Stellman, a recent convert to the RCC from Presbyterianism. 

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On this program I interact with a recent interview with Jason Stellman who recently converted to Roman Catholicism. 

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I spend the entire program talking about why I disagree with the doctrine of limited atonement.

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On this program I answered listener questions about Pauline scholarship, progressive sanctification, molinism, and the reformation.

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I took a break from our normal format to talk about the importance of the Reformation in light of Reformation Day.

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I answered a listener question about consubstantiation, another about covenant theology, and then discussed predestination in Romans 8 and 9. 

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Discussed my upcoming book, took some time to answer listener questions, and then got back to discussing the points of Calvinism. We covered the "u", unconditional election. 

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Answered a listener question abou the number of sacraments and then discussed the extent of human depravity.

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A discussion of the Reformed, Arminian, and Lutheran approaches to predestination and free will. 

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