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On today's program, I answered a variety of listener questions on a large number of topics. I discussed liturgy, original sin, my favorite theologians, and much more.

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On today's program, I continued my series on Lutheran liturgy. I spent the hour discussing confession and absolution. I looked at the Old Testament liturgical basis for this aspect of worship, differences in how this practice is done, and the place of confession and absolution within the structure of the Divine Service.

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On today's program, I was joined once again by Rev. Lewis Polzin to discuss the call of God as we continue going through Henry Eyster Jacobs' book A Summary of the Christian Faith

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On my program today, I was joined by my wife Lisa Cooper. We talked about the popular women's devotional book Jesus Calling. We addressed a number of issues including enthusiasm, passive righteousness, law and gospel, Scripture, and much more. This is an important program for Christian women to listen to.

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On today's program, I began a series of studies on the liturgy. Throughout the series, I will explain the various elements of the liturgical life of the church piece by piece. On this first program, I discuss the procession and the invocation.

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On today's program, I discussed liturgical worship in light of Scripture. 

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On today's program, I devoted the hour to a discussion of the doctrine of atonement within the theology of Gerhard Forde. I looked at a variety of passages in his books Where God Meets Man and The Law-Gospel Debate.

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Today's program was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2015 Just and Sinner Conference. Pastors Jordan Cooper and Lewis Polzin discussed the doctrine of justification as they continue working their way through Henry Eyster Jacobs' A Summary of the Christian Faith

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On today's program, I played a lecture by Rev. Lewis Polzin on the doctrine of vocation given at the Just and Sinner Conference.

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On today's program, I spent the entire hour giving a defense of infant baptism. I went through the outline I used at a recent Bible study for my congregation. This was purposefully at a lay level, so please send this one to your baptist friends!

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