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On this program, I continued the previous discussion over the questions of perseverance and apostasy. I interact here with the common objections to the notion that true believers can fall from the faith.

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On today's program, I played a lecture from Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips from the Imago Dei Conference from 2015. The topic is sin and its relationship to the image of God, answering the question as to whether the image of God was completely destroyed by sin. 

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This podcast was recorded on Youtube in interaction with listeners. We covered a bunch of topics.

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On today's podcast, I played a lecture from Rev. Dr. Curtis Leins on the pastor as teacher of the liturgy. This should serve as a helpful introduction to liturgical worship for those who might be unfamiliar with it.

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On this program, I play a lecture I gave at the 2017 AALC Reformation Conference on the subject of Good Works and the Christian Life as taught in the Augsburg Confession Article VI. 

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On this program, I play a lecture from the Rev. Dr. Curtis E Leins who is the presiding pastor of the AALC. This lecture was given at the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in October of 2017. A video is also going to be available on Youtube along with the other talks at the conference. 

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On today's program, I covered some of the recent controversy surrounding the role of good works in final salvation. I discussed some of the material written by John Piper on the matter, along with other contributors to this debate. I discussed the position of the Formula of Concord on the topic in relation to the Majorist controversy.

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On today's program, I discussed presuppositional apologetics. I responded to some recent comments from Dr. Scott Oliphant on the subject which were highly critical of the classical method. I examined the method of Lutheran dogmaticians in reaction to these models. 

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Today, I addressed the issue of perseverance and apostasy. I discussed the various Reformed perspectives on the issue, and then began an examination of the Scriptural texts in defense of the notion that it is possible for true believers to fall away from the faith.

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On today's program, I introduced some of the basic concepts of philosophy. This included a discussion of the ideas proposed by the Pre-Socratic philosophers, as well as the metaphysics of Plato. I gave some biographical information about why I began studying philosophy, including an argument that such a study is important for anyone who is engaged in theology. 

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