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On today's program, I continued looking at the Lutheran Confessions with an overview of the Apology of the Augsburg Confession, Smalcald Articles, and Luther's Small and Large Catechisms. 

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On today's program, I discussed scholastic theology. For the first half, I gave an introduction to some of the issues raised in scholasticism, and common contemporary criticisms of the scholastic method. For the final half hour, I gave a brief history of how Christian theology led to scholasticism in the twelfth century with Peter Lombard.

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On today's programmed, I played a talk I gave about the differences between Lutherans and Baptists. This is part of a series of talks about the differences between Lutherans and other Christian groups. In this talk, I discussed the history of the Baptist movement, as well as some of the differences among various Baptist groups. I then presented the Biblical case for infant baptism in opposition to Baptist theology.

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I'm still away in Massachusetts, so on today's program I played another lecture by Rev. Rich Shields. This is on the subject of spiritual and character formation, and was given at the 2015 AALC Eastern Regional Conference.

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Since I am away this week, on today's program I played a lecture by Rev. Rich Shields on Ephesians 4. This presentation was given at the Eastern Regional Conference of the AALC in 2015.

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C.F.W. Walther's "The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel" is the Missouri Synod theologian's greatest theological work. This book consists of a series of thirty-nine lectures that Dr. Walther gave his seminary students at the end of his life on one of the foundational elements of Lutheran thought. In twenty-five theses, Walther expounds upon the distinction between the Law as God's demands upon his creatures, and the Gospel of God's free grace in Christ. Each thesis is defended by extensive Scriptural exegesis.

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On today's program I continued discussing John Frame's article critiquing the traditional Lutheran Law/Gospel distinction. The article can be found here. I spent most of the program discussing Galatians 3.

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I was joined by Daniel Price and Lewis Polzin of Boars in the Vineyard to discuss the first chapter of Jacobs' book "A Summary of the Christian Faith."

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On today's program, I answered a number of listener questions regarding the doctrine of election.

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On today's program I answered two listener questions. The first had to do with the idea of prevenient grace in Arminianism and Lutheranism. This led into a discussion of the intuitu fidei approach to election that developed in the scholastic period. I then dealt with some common proof texts for Arminianism.

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