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Jan 30, 2015

On today's program I was joined by Rev. David Preus to discuss practical orthodoxy. David is currently working on his PhD at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MI on the thought of Balthasar Meisner. The program covered a lot of ground, including the practical nature of scholastic theology, some important representatives...

Jan 23, 2015

On today's program I interviewed Rev. Eric Swensson on the history and theology of pietism. Swensson argues that pietism was largely a positive movement in the Lutheran church, though he does not consider himself to be a pietist. This is an important interview for those who are critical or supporters of pietism.

Jan 14, 2015

On today's program I interviewed Josh Brisby who is a recent convert from the Reformed to the Lutheran tradition. We discussed a number of the differences between the two traditions, both practical and theological.

Jan 7, 2015

On today's program I discussed pietism. I gave some historical context and a brief history of the movement. Most of the time was spent on Philip Jacob Spener. I talked about the influence of pietism, and both the negative and positive impact of the movement.