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Aug 23, 2016

On today's program, I continued my discussion of scholasticism through giving a historical overview of the thirteenth century, and Thomas Aquinas in particular. I discussed his most important writings and contributions to both theology and philosophy. 

Aug 12, 2016

On today's program, I discussed scholastic theology. For the first half, I gave an introduction to some of the issues raised in scholasticism, and common contemporary criticisms of the scholastic method. For the final half hour, I gave a brief history of how Christian theology led to scholasticism in the twelfth century...

Jan 15, 2014

I was joined by Fr. David Graves to discuss the life and work of St. Francis of Assisi

Aug 27, 2013

I took a break from our discussion of Matt Haney's lecture on baptism to discuss the church of the Middle Ages. I was joined by Pastor David Graves to discuss the importance of Bernard of Clairvaux on Luther's thought, and the best aspects of Medieval theology which led to the Reformation.